Family Health - Eating


TOP Tips for Weaning

Babies need nothing but mum's milk or infant formula for the first  6 months of life. This gives a baby's digestive system time to develop, so they can cope with solid foods.

1. THREE signs that your baby is ready  for their first solid foods

  • Baby is able to sit in a sitting position and can hold their head steady
  • They can co-ordinate their eyes, hand and mouth so they can pick up food, look at it and put in their mouth
  • They can swallow food, babies who are not ready will push their food out

2. First foods can consist of mashed or soft cooked sticks of fruit or vegetables or baby rice mixed with your baby's usual milk

3. NEVER add salt or sugar to your babies food

4. NEVER leave your baby unattended whilst feeding

5. Only use mum's milk or infant formula alongside food from 6-12months. Cow's milk can be mixed with food from 6months, and whole cow's milk can be given as a drink from 1 year.



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